When you are DIY artist, trying to create graphics, logo and other artwork for your CD covers, flyers and other advertising products can be an adventure and expensive. While PhotoShop is the industry standard for photo editing, many of us don’t have PhotoShop money. However there is an affordable alternative, a FREE alternative called GIMP.

GIMP a powerful and freely-distributable open-source application that is used for digital image composition, authoring, retouching and processing. With GIMP you can make parts of your image transparent, removing transparency information, crop and decrease the file size of a picture, even create abstract backgrounds and hot text effects. The examples below were all edited or created using GIMP.

If you have a good foundation on resolution/dpi, pixels and color modes (i.e., RGB vs. CYMK), there are tutorials galore available for you to learn how to use GIMP. To get you started, I have provided links to the application and several tutorials.

  • Download the GIMP 2.7
  • GIMP Quickes from gimp.org – Shows how to crop, resize, rotate and change the color mode of an image
  • Remove The Background From An Image from Zadyball – Uses 2.2 but this is a great tutorial
  • 40+ GIMP Tutorials compiled by Naldz Graphics – Golden text effect, fade effect, glass lettering and abstract wave effect and more (P.S. If you can sign up to his blog, it’s very informative and his content is diverse)

Happy designing!  Be prosperous and wishing you love,

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