The Purpose of The Faceless Project

To give talented artist and musicians the opportunity to be heard, to inspire and to share their gifts beyond the” vanity-filled guidelines” set by companies and group are not concerned with spreading the untainted experience and joy of music globally.

The Faceless Project also referred to as "Vanity Free Music" is the brainchild of JQ Music Productions. Its concept is simple - "All That Matter Is The Music".

The Faceless Project’s main purpose it to help these artist obtain some semblance of their dreams through aggressive web promotion, distribution and portfolio licensing for television and film.

Artists are selected not because of their "physical" marketing potential, but for natural talents, their determination and their desire to change the world through music.

The Faceless Project will be a catalyst for the revolution of your relationship with music. Changing your mind about music and yourself, one artist at a time.

If you are intere sted in being artists or affiliate of The Faceless Project, please send an email containing a link to your site and/or a brief introduction to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Artist Roster

Rican - House/Dance

Brisa - House/Dance and R&B