About the Company

JQ Music Productions LLC is a Dance / Electronica / R&B label that fuses several genres including Jazz, Salsa, Hip-Hop and Meringue to create a rich and exceptional sound.

The two partners of JQ Music Productions, Jaime “JQ” Quiles and S. J. Easley have been developing The Faceless Project for several years. The goal of the project is to assist artists with obtaining some semblance of their dreams through aggressive web promotion, distribution and portfolio licensing for television and film. Artists are selected not because of their "physical" marketing potential, but for natural talents, their determination and their desire to change the world through music.

Who Is JQ?

Jayme "JQ" Quiles strives for perfection in music. He writes and produces all types of music, from Gospel, Dance, Latin, R&B to Hip-Hop. His music explores the various aspects of life, love and tragedy alike, but his own experiences ar e the foundation of all his creations.

JQ, was born and bred in Cidra, Puerto Rico, attributes his musical roots to his family of many musically talented relatives-grandfather, brother, uncle. He was inspired by the humble beginnings of his grandfather's performance on the accordion. His uncle's creative talent on piano, as well as being an excellent singer, who incidentally went on to became the family's first professional recording artist in the Salsa genre. From this, his brother carried it even further by becoming a virtuoso piano, bass and guitar performer, who traveled with his own band in and out of the recording studios and night club's of New York City.

JQ decided to further his musical education by graduating from "The Center Media of the Arts" in 1989. There he advanced his musical education by learning recording engineering, music programming, editing, sound effects and sampling. The next phase of his career added valuable experience as an intern for a recording studio (The Music Box). During this time he continued to cultivate his talent by writing and producing for many performers that crossed his path. His openness to all genres, allowed him to work with artists from all types of backgrounds.

Most recently JQ completed a collaboration entitled, "Screaming Brazil", which was very popular hit played to the raves of many dancing fans at the then known club "The Playground".

If you are looking for variety in love, joy, compassion, inspiration, fun, laughter, sadness, or just pure excitement - JQ Music has what you're looking for. Trust your ear, cause they never lie...

Sabrina, The Chick On The Backend

When there is true passion for music and life, there can be no boundaries. Sabrina "Sensual" Easley is that rare breed, whose love for creation creates endless possibilities for her talents, taking her to all the places her heart dreams.

A published poet, Sensual began singing at the age of six, discovered her love for creative writing at the age of twelve and began producing in her mid-twenties. Driven by positive feedback and academic realization, she became increasing intent on cultivating her musical talents. Currently her portfolio includes over 75+ lyrics and compositions, and a book of poetry. “Several years ago, I discovered my mother had filed a copyright for the first song I wrote at thirteen. I was so moved because my mother never actually told me she believed in musical aspiration, since she seemed more concerned with my schooling”, Sabrina states humbly. Her mother's gesture affirmed her resilience for her passion and love for music, motivating her to continue creating.

During course of her journey, she acquired value project management, graphic and web design skills while working at some of Wall Street’s top financial institutions. This has help them to save on overhead expenses as well as helping to educating other aspiring artists along the way.

Sensual is the backend of the company and the perfect complement to JQ. Together they are JQ Music Productions.