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Love is Not Sex is the third studio album by The Faceless Project, with co-producers Jaime Quiles and Sabrina Easely. Tracks like “Who R U 2 Judge me”, “Senseless”, “Stop Calling Me”, “Kink-Ka”, “Ms. Betty”, Red Pumps” has reached to number 1 in Worksession. The artist Rican & Brisa collaboration in this album are outstanding and superb. We are also introducing guest artist Samiel Whittle, singing track 12 “Escape”.

The sultry electronic tracks are distinctive enough to set The Faceless Project apart from other pop artists on the music scenes. The Faceless Project explicitly flaunt sex appeal more than ever before in the lyrics such as ‘Love is Not Sex, Kinky-Ka and Dark Room. This album has infectious songs with club beats, and heavy bass that will make you dance from dusk to dawn.

Now Available in iTunes and Amazon